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  1. i have entred the required password but stll the page is asking for a password.i clicked on the next option but it is not going to the next page.

  2. clear browser history or clear cache memory or clear passward manager and then try

  3. Sir I have a problem regarding the my name which I have uploaded instead of “CHAKSHUMAN” I have written “CHAKSHUMAAN” and same name is printed on my pic too,which I have uploaded I just want to ask that will my application form be rejected.

  4. hello,
    I have applied for JEE(mains)-2015 for my younger brother.Unfortunately there is a major mistake has done by me. In the column of “School Board of class 12th/Qualifying Exam “CENTRAL BOARD OF SECONDARY EDUCATION has been written, but it should be as “BIHAR INTERMEDIATE EDUCATION COUNCIL”.This will affect his future career.
    Please any body help me,what i should do now???

  5. I m not written the name and date of issuing photo on my uploaded image. Is that necessary ?? Pls give me suggestions to correct this

  6. I want to know the correction date

  7. Does sending the Queries to help?