How to Crack JEE Advanced 2019 in 3-6 months

By | July 16, 2017

How to Crack JEE Advanced 2019 in 3-6 months: As everyone knows, this course is important for those who are aspiring to get into one of the most prestigious colleges in the country. The students will be preparing for crack JEE Advanced more than a year for this exam, and if they have not, they can still take this course and benefit from the steps that are given as follows.

How to Crack JEE Advanced 2019

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And for those who have been studying for a longer period with full concentration, then they can still change their strategy a little bit with this routine and extract the positives from this. In other words, this will be useful for all aspirants. Tips about How to Crack JEE Advanced 2019 in 3-6 months available on official website of JEE Advanced.

Mature up your basics

If the students are confident about the basics of all subjects, he or she does not have to worry about cracking JEE Advanced exam. Basics can fill the blanks and fit in easily. But it is important that they are thorough in basics, in all the three subjects, that is Physics, Chemistry, and Maths. The rest of the syllabus will be managed once; the student allots time for basics, hard and sincere.

It doesn’t matter as to how much resources a person has. What matters is how they utilize them. From the higher secondary book to NCERT books, everything is a valuable source for the student. So, the students can study from the class notes that they have gotten from the coaching centers or from the IIT JEE books. Seek guidance from the teachers and check as to which are the important books and study accordingly.

Solve old question papers, for IIT JEE, and this will help the student to understand the question paper pattern for JEE Advanced and also to save time during the examination. The pattern will be the same for all the years and hence, the level of difficulty will give an idea for the student.

It is very very important that the speed has to be maintained. Not just the preparation, towards cracking the JEE exam in 3 months, but also the speed in solving the actual paper is very important. Studying regularly will help the student to look forward to questions and answers fast.

Go through the reference books. They are the very important source. Some of the books for the major subjects are:


  1. Solve problems from NCERT class XI and class XII books.
  2. Purchase ‘IIT Mathematics’ by M.L.Khanna for better concepts.

3 ‘New Pattern IITJEE Mathematics’ of Arihant Publications by Dr. S.K.Goyal.

  1. Books by S.L.Loney, for trigonometry and coordinate geometry the books
  2. Tata Mcgraw Hills (TMH) books


  1. Concepts of Physics, Vol.-I, by H.C.Verma
  2. Concepts of Physics, Vol.-II, by H.C.Verma
  3. Problems in Physics by I.E.Irodov
  4. Fundamentals of Physics, by Halliday, Resnik, and Walker.
  5. Physics by D.C.Pandey, Arihant Publications


  1. NCERT Chemistry text books of class XI and class XII.
  2. Organic Chemistry by Morrison and Boyd.
  3. For numerical problems-P.Bahadur
  4. Inorganic Chemistry by J.D.Lee
  5. Physical Chemistry by R.C.Mukherjee and also by P.Bahadur.
  6. Organic, Physical and Inorganic Chemistry books by O.P.Tandon.

Prepare through Most important topics and chapters and you can download them from the links given below.

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  1. ryan percy

    I know it is not as easy as it is reading this article. But this does inspire a lot in me. I really wanna get into IIT Powai and for that I study foe at least 16 hours a day. Thanks a lot for the motivational tips.


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