JEE Advanced 2019 last minutes tips and tricks (7 Best tips)

By | April 3, 2017

IIT JEE Advanced 2019 last minutes tips and tricks: One of the toughest exams of the year, like other exams, this exam cannot be taken for granted since this is the most important exam for students who aspire to study in the prestigious colleges in the country.

IIT JEE Advanced 2019 last minutes Tips

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But what if the student has wasted the whole time for studying and has limited time to study, or for someone who is very nervous and does not know how to prepare for the exam. Here are a few tips that he or she can utilize during the preparation of IIT JEE 2019 exams. Also, the student must remember that the marks of his or her class 12 board exams also play a very vital role during the after exam admission. So here are a few tricks that will help any student to crack this exam in an easy way.

  1. It is very important that the student should start his or her preparation with the help of their class XII textbooks itself. They can also use their NCERT books that are prepared by the many subject experts that are quite economical also, and hence can be afforded by anyone.
  2. If the student attends coaching classes in any centers, he or she must be aware of using the reference books suggested by the lecturers. Because most of them are just mentioned by the teachers since they either promote or want to insist their mode of teaching into the student. Hence ask ii titans will have a list of IIT JEE preparation books that they can use for reference. The one that covers the maximum syllabus and suits the studying style of the student can be taken, and this website is mainly maintained and suggested by the previous year exam takers or the alumni.
  3. Study with the order of indexing topics or in the order of priority or according to the weight that they carry in JEE main and class XII board exams.
  4. The student should grill himself into the basics until he or she is thorough with the fundamentals since the JEE main exam is specifically designed to test how well a student has grasped the topic and how to apply something to the given set of problems. Hence, the JEE Advanced will also have the same kind of questions, with the different difficulty level and hence this will help the candidate.
  5. Studying till the night before the exam is not advisable. The student should have some time for revision and also should refer to the previous year’s question papers, sample papers and the model papers with keys. The solved model papers will help the student to evaluate him, and hence revising and practicing is a better method for studying.
  6. Students are mainly advised to take up mock tests since it helps them to manage time, which is one of the important factors for the exam.
  7. The main and last point is that the student should have adequate sleep and food on before the exam, since bad health may not help him to do his exam even though his preparation level is high. So it is important that he or she should not

get nervous and take a proper intake of food and sleep.

IIT JEE Advanced 2019 last minutes tips and tricks (7 Tips to crack IIT JEE)

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