JEE Advanced 2019 Chapter/ Topic wise weightage marks analysis

By | July 15, 2017

JEE Advanced 2019 Chapter/ Topic wise weight marks analysis: Students who appear for this IIT JEE Advanced exams should be aware that each subject carries a certain amount of weight and there are marks for topic wise questions. This can be checked in many websites, while one of the main website for this JEE Advanced chapter. This information will be available for students who are preparing to crack the JEE advanced so that they can concentrate on the highest weight subjects to get more scores.

JEE Advanced Topic wise weight

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The weightage for mathematics is as follows:

JEE Main 2014 Topic wise Marks & Weightage Analysis for Mathematics
Unit & Topic NameNo of QuestionsTotal Marks% Weightage
Binomial Theorem143.30%
Complex Numbers143.30%
Coordinate Geometry52016.70%
Straight Line286.70%
Co-ordinate Geometry (3-D)286.70%
Differential Calculus52016.70%
Application of Derivatives286.70%
Limit of function143.30%
Sets & Relation143.30%
Integral Calculus41613.30%
Area under curve143.30%
Differential equation143.30%
Indefinite integration286.70%
Mathematical Reasoning143.30%
Matrix & Determinants286.70%
Quadratic Equation286.70%
Sequence & Series286.70%
Height & Distance143.30%
Trigonometric equation143.30%
Grand Total30120100.00%

Similarly for other subjects like Physics

JEE Main 2014 Topic wise Marks Analysis for Physics
Unit & Topic NameNo of QuestionsTotal Marks% Weightage
Current & Electricity143%
Electro Magnetic Field & Force287%
Electro Magnetic Induction143%
Heat & Thermodynamics31210%
Heat Transfer143%
KTG & Thermodynamics287%
Error in Measurement287%
Fluid Mechanics143%
Projectile Motion143%
Properties of Matter286%
Rigid Body Dynamics287%
Work, Power & Energy143%
Modern Physics52017%
Electromagnetic waves & communication287%
Modern Physics287%
Geometrical Optics & Physical Optics287%
Wave Optics143%
SHM & Waves287%
Simple Harmonic Motion143%
Sound Waves143%
Grand Total30120100%

And chemistry

Unit & Topic NameNo ofQuestionsTotal Marks% Weightage
Inorganic Chemistry83227%
Chemical Bonding287%
d-block & f-block287%
Reaction Mechanics287%
Transition Elements & Coordination Chemistry143%
Organic Chemistry83227%
Aromatic Compound143%
Carbohydrates, Amino Acids and Polymers31210%
General Organic Chemistry143%
Oxidation & Reduction143%
Practical Organic Chemistry143%
Physical Chemistry145647%
Atomic Structure143%
Chemical Equilibrium143%
Chemical Kinetics143%
Equivalent Concept & Titration143%
Gaseous State143%
Mole Concept287%
Solid State143%
Solution & Colligative Properties143%
Thermodynamics & Thermochemistry143%
Grand Total30120100%

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