JEE main 2019 Chemistry Chapter/ Topic wise weightage marks analysis

By | June 9, 2017

JEE main examination includes various chapters from Chemistry and candidates must be searching for JEE main 2019 Chapter wise and topic wise weightage. We are going to provide you JEE main 2019 weightage marks and marks analysis for Chemistry is given on this page. You can check out Chapter wise weightage for JEE main chemistry 2019 from the table given below.

We have made this prediction on the basis of analysis for last 2 years and candidates can prepare by following this JEE main 2019 chapter wise weightage. This web portal will not be responsible for any kind of change in the questions and patterns.

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Chapter NameWeightage
General Organic Chemistry9%
Alcohol Phenol Ether7%
Redox reactions6%
Chemical Bonding5%
Coordination Compound5%
P-Block Elements5%
S-Block Elements5%
Aldehyde Ketone5%
Solid State5%
Chemical Thermodynamics5%
Ionic Equilibrium3%
Chemical Equilibrium3%
Surface Chemistry3%
Atomic Structure2%
Gaseous State2%
Transition Elements2%
Nuclear Chemistry2%
Chemical Kinetics2%
Mole Concepts2%
Amines and Diazonium Salts2%
Alkanes, Alkenes and Alkynes2%

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    1. Tamaghn

      This is not coming 100%
      I think its coming just 93%
      what about the 7%
      u have missed Halogen compounds lesson
      please give the correct weightage marks


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