JEE Main 2019 which is better online or offline?

By | June 8, 2017

JEE Main 2019 which is better online or offline: The mode of JEE Main 2019 examinations will of two types, that is online and offline.  This is just to give the student to choose the best type  in their comfort to give answers to the questions.  There are several advantages and disadvantages about both the mode.  But most of the students found the online mode is the best. The online exam will be easier than the offline.

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In the online exam, the answers can be given by a single click which will save a lot of time and later one can edit, review and change the answers.  The computer screen will provide the questions in different colors which will indicate the answered and unanswered questions for the student.  Most of the feedback implied that the online exam is the best.

Some students said that online pattern helped them a lot to focus better on the examination as there is no need to shade the correct answer with attention.  Every year the number of online examiners are getting increased because of its advantages.

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