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JEE main 2018 Physics Chapter/ Topic wise weightage marks analysis


JEE main 2018 chapter wise weight and topic wise weight for Physics can be checked from this page. JEE main 2018 marks analysis and percentage wise weight for JEE main Physics can be checked form this table and all candidates are advised to follow this list and prepare well for JEE main 2018 examination.

This table is managed by analyzing the occurrence of questions in JEE Main examination form last two years. We will make the necessary changes in this table of JEE main 2018 chapter wise weight and candidates are advised to visit this page again to get all latest updates about JEE Main 2017 marks weight.

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Heat and Thermodynamics8%
Rotational Motion7%
Wave Motion7%
Laws of Motion6%
Magnetic effects of current and electricity6%
Ray optics6%
Simple Harmonic Motion5%
Wave optics5%
Units Dimensions Errors4%
Work Energy Power4%
Modern Physics (Atomic Models)4%
Current Electricity4%
Electromagnetic Induction3%
Physics of Nucleus3%
Solids and Semiconductor Devices2%
Center of Mass. Impulse and motion2%
Kinetics Theory of Gases2%
Alternating Current1%
EM Waves1%

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  1. my time is only 48 days for jee main .
    and my reading is zero for jee main ….
    so what i am doing… plz reply now

  2. The physics marks weightage do not add to be exact hundred. The percentages of all subjects add up to 97% only. Please rectify this mistake and provide the correct weightage of each subject.

    • #Sharath Chandrika
      Its right that its only 97% of the paper but 3% of the questions can be from any of the chapters. i.e, some chapters may have extra question excluding the question which falls in the percentages given

  3. Jee mains exam is on 8 days now but I have not yet completed my studies what shall I do. How will be this year paper and what is the cut off for this year to autonomous colleges ….please reply.

    • same here rajashree i dont understand what to do..,:(

    • one more thing jee mains is on next sunday that is its 6days away considering today

    • if ur in Maharashtra all colleges will be given on the basis of mhcet not jee only nits iiits gftis will be given on the basis of jee mains n generally u u would need more than 200marks in jee mains for those clgs.

    • Good dude…..mine is worst than yours….only 5 days left and I’m still struggling with the first chapter…hahahahahaha


    iit mains in maths chapter all the time to get the chance

  5. Hello i am an intermediate student i have wasted my 1st year without studying now what should i do to cover it and score marks in mains

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