Tips to choose the best CAT course

By | July 16, 2017

There are many coaching centers in India offering different courses to crack the ultimate CAT examination. Cracking the CAT test is something that every MBA aspirant dreams about, but with the right course and adequate training, this becomes relatively easy.  From short time crash course to a long time and yearly course, depending upon your requirement you can pick the course. Each type has its own perks and downfalls, which makes it even more essential to pick the right course.

Below is a quick comparison between the three courses and their importance in scoring great numbers in CAT test.


Each course is designed with different criteria and each holds a very significant place in preparing a student for the CAT examination. Sometimes you might require only one course and other times a combination of these courses are best for you, this all depends on your CAT preparation and time left for the test.


Long time and yearly courses are very important but they tend to create a sense of confusion among the students. As over a long period of time, you will go through many topics and that might become a reason for some disorganization. If this is some time you have been undergoing, then Crash course is your best option to review all important topics and clear your mind.

Crash courses are designed to guide a student swiftly through the most important and basic topics of the test. Even if you are not suffering from any confusing state, during the end it is advised to take a crash course to get everything refreshed and reviewed.


A long time course may be of months or quarterly and has its own set of benefits. It is great for the students who don’t want to prepare for CAT in the last remaining months and still want to go through every topic. Crash course will only give you an outlook while a yearly course requires full dedication and plenty of spare time, but if you want to thoroughly understand the basics and score better percentile, then long term courses are your best bet.


If you are someone who is planning to prepare for CAT from the start and is looking forward to covering every detail of every topic, then a yearly course is the best for you. These courses run on a schedule and will daily prepare you for the examination with perfection. Every basic element of every topic that might come in the final exam is covered in this course. This is something that lacks in both long time course and crashes course.

Every course holds its own importance and combination of these is sometimes required to get the best result. Pick a long time or a yearly course and combine them with a crash course towards the end.  Your dedication and these courses with making you the master of CAT examination.

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